So… seems like I ended up getting a bit over run with things these last few weeks. Getting ready for the conventions, finishing up my What’s Shakin’ issue and getting it print ready for Megacon… and… shudder… Painting my old apartment… with like 3 coats… uhg!  That alone took forever!  Lesson here, never paint an apartment!  Especially not red… even though it looks epic… XD

Anywho, I contacted my good buddy over at Torment of the Week begging for help and he came up with this awesome guest comic! So I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to Alex for helpin’ a Shaker out.

If you haven’t yet, check out his website!! It’s full of awesomness!

And speaking of Coffin Comics at the Cons… Maybe now is a good time to announce that I have my first issue of Coffin Comics for sale!  Head on over to Indy Planet to take a look and order directly!  So get your copy today! Only $5.99 with the first 26 comics and original sketches never seen anywhere else!  Good times to be had by all!  >D