That’s right folks!  Your beloved Human race from wowlands are Vrykul baby rejects!  LOL!  Actually, I kinda found that to be an interesting lore tidbit.  I mean, it gives them ties to the Titans and a little bit of Ogre in there too.  Now, before I get flooded with angry emails, I used the Frost Vrykul for visual purposes, since regular ones just look like very tall Humans… much like important NPCs… but that’s another argument for another day.

My ol buddy over at Torment Of The Week needed a hand and asked me to send in a guest funny.  So, you should all go over and check out the comic I did for him!  If you haven’t been reading his stuff, you should!   The comic I did for him falls into his canon so you should go through his archives to catch up!

Check it out!!!!