Looky this!  A non-wowland comic!  Been putting this one off for, well, since DA2 launched.  So it’s nice to have it done.

So here’s the thing with Dragon Age 2… it bugs the heck out of me!  And to be frank, I didn’t make it very far… half way through act2 maybe?  idk… I’m still stuck in this stupid city, going to the same dungeon over and over (even though they have different names… they’re all the same layout), and despite my character looking like me with a dashing accent, I just find it hard to get into it.  DAO was pretty awesome… but again I lost interest fairly early on.

But this is what gets me, I mainly dropped out cause I got a bit along and decided to make a new guy but in a different class.  I’m sure you can all guess what I started as… So yeah, new class, and I thought “hey, I’ve been playing it all nice until now, how bout I be the jerk and pick all the negative dialog options!  it’ll feel like a new game!”… and as far as I can tell, NOTHING CHANGES!  In DAO, it seemed like if you looked at a flower the wrong way at the wrong time, chaos theory would gimp your uber sword of destruction into sockem bopper gauntlets.  As far as I can see, there’s some variations on what others respond to your choice, but for the most part, the game carries on as usual.  It’s like having the choice to either put someone’s dog into a catapult or giving him a bone and 10min later the owner has brunch with you either way… and doesn’t seem to remember he had a dog.

Now, I’m sure there are other things along the way, like “help character A or put his dog in a catapult” has lasting effects on the ending… should I ever get to that point… but in the short run, it seems like none of your dialogue choices mean much of anything.  And that’s a real shame.  A game such as this (read - very dialog driven) should offer more of a feedback to your choices in speech, but I guess reskinning the same dungeon map over and over doesn’t leave the development team a whole lot of time for other things… oh wait…

Ok… before I get any hate mail, I didn’t say I didn’t like the game.  Just this aspect.  I enjoy the combat style (especially now that there’s a difference between warriors and rogues.  you DAO ppls know what I mean) and interactive cinematic feeling of it, but I feel this part of the game really falls short, especially in the way of replay value.  At least in DAO, you could choose a different race and some characters spoke to you a bit differently (if I’m remembering that correctly anyways).

Lastly… for those of you who have nooooo idea what’s going on in this…  in the second panel, he’s making the TROLLING FACE and she’s making the RAGE FACE… rage guy?  something like that.  Usually with posting the image of the face on forums, it’s followed by people saying “problem” or “u mad” or things like that.  They’re like those weird interweb meme things.

In games (generally), do you like your actions/choices to have an impact on the way the game is played and what the ending will be?

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