Know what… I love Katy Perry and even Kanye West (as a singer…), but idk… something about the rap in her song I could do without.  Well, ok, Snoopy in California Gurls was alright, but in E.T. (a catchy number) it’s fairly out of place.  Maybe it’s just me.

ANYWAYS!  There was a bit of “innuendo” tossed in there that, well, unless your mind was in the gutter, you’d probably have no way knowing what it means.  Heck, I barely understand it other than it being dirty just by the way he says it.  I guess you can force any combination of words to be dirty by saying it all sleazy like.  So yeah, here’s my interpretation of “Bathing my ape in your Milky Way“.  Pretty cute huh?  Was going to have this as a raffle at the last con, but I didn’t get all my stuff together in time.  Maybe next time… or I’ll just hand this off to some lucky lady for Valentines Day (seems like it’d make a nice present).

I opened up my shop site to do Commissions!  Wew!  So you can get a “digital print” inked for $20 (colored and with background available) or a personalized button for $6 (+shipping)!  Nice huh?  So if you want your character “coffinized” in my cartoony style, then put in an order on my site!  These may take some time to produce, so there’s a 3 week minimum lead time.  Not that it’ll take that long, just that it might.  >)

I added a Survey, I’d like you guys to fill out for me.  Trying to get some feedback in the way of what works and what doesn’t on both my sites and maybe get an idea on what to do going forward.  Been trying to make this work as a fulltime gig for almost a year now and it’s been a lot of fun, though I’m getting nervous as the income isn’t exactly where it needs to be atm…  so… lets powow here!  Lets figure out a way to get this to work out.  So if you have any suggestions, let me know on the Survey Page!  Thanks all!

So uh... how do you feel about the direction of this site? Like with photo comics and whatnot?

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