Heh… hope this makes sense.  Also, for all the Jr. readers out there, ask your parents what that means, that’ll be a good laugh.  >)

So anyways, it’s very interesting to me, this whole Forsaken thing.  They have a very checkered and abused past with one very big and growing problem; their numbers are shrinking!  Having been basically made from a freak accident, it seems that the only way to keep their species going is to make more of themselves.  Well duh, that’s a given… And I’m confused as to whether or not they’ve tried it the old fashioned way.  Maybe it doesn’t work that way for them.  However, we’ve seen some quests and dialog here and there indicating this problem and what’s being done to fix it.  Mostly with experiments on living creatures or stitching stuff together… And there that whole thing now with them getting some Val’kyl on their side to resurrect dead soldiers to repopulate their kind… doesn’t help their case that they’ve been a little, um, over zealous with their methods of producing “viable candidates”.  If you know what I mean… No?  Yeah, they kills people to make new people?  Something like that.  These are more or less assumptions on my part, though I have to say, I think the Forsaken needs to get some “non humans” in their ranks.  Come on!  I want my Undead Tauren dangnabbit!

Anywho, this poses a very interesting question… How far is to far when trying to propagate your species?  Should nature take its course?  Should they do everything within their power to repopulate their kind?  Or is there some middle ground?  I know the Forsaken aren’t exactly the easiest race to get along with, but they are a, um, “living?” creature that I think deserves a fair shake.  Think about it this way… What if the tables were turned?  What would you do?  What lengths would (or wouldn’t) you go through to keep your entire species alive?  It really reminds me of the kind of stress and fear caused in the move Children of Men (excellent movie btw, sad… very sad, but good).  Same thing, all of a sudden, people couldn’t reproduce and it caused absolute panic and chaos.  So Just imagine what the Forsaken are going through.  Every time they are asked to go to war for the Horde (before the Val’kyl showed up), it meant the total population of your entire species went down by the number of warriors that fell.  That’s pretty harsh!

So let me leave you with some words to think about… From a fictional character from Red vs Blue:

“It is an undeniable and may I say fundamental quality of man that when faced with extinction, every alternative is preferable.”

-Dr. Leonard Church (RvB)

Faced with extinction, what should the Forsaken do?

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