You were warned! Don’t say you weren’t! XD

Ok, before I get to the comic, let me talk about a big problem this movie has.  You see, when you have a series where “episodes” are separated by large chunks of time, then you really need to have “refreshers” to help your audience reconnect with your characters.  No, I don’t mean a “previously on…” intro, but integrate the second introductions to help viewers actually give a darn about anyone they’re seeing.  My friend read the stories a while back and told me about all these people who were going to die in this movie, but I never expected them to be so casual about it.  See, they basically just briefly show a few of Harry’s comrades dead and not much more.  The end.  So… uh… who were they again?  Why should we care?  They didn’t really help bring back any emotional connections with any of his fallen friends before they died in the movie.  It’s kinda hard do develop any feelings for what effectively became background extras.  I’m sure many diehard enthusiasts will disagree with me on this, but to us casual viewers, unless you help us to reconnect over that year long downtime, then your secondary characters become not much more than a canon fodder extra.  >\

(As an aside to all you TV execs… you’re to blame for all this too!  You guys drive me crazy with your split seasons!  It seems like I get 5 episode blocks of True Blood every 6 months, and while I like the show, it’s sometimes difficult to remember who the heck any of the minor characters were without any reintroduction.  /rage!)

So about this comic… You know, when I thought about a final battle that’s been building for about a decade between the super evil bad man and the chosen one, I had this glorious epic showdown in mind.  In my head, there’d be a magical eruption of armies before our two duke it out in an over 9000 explosion of powers that would make DBZ look like a girly slap fight.  But no… NO!!  This was dashed by the reality of the actual movie.  Maybe my hopes were too high, but when you put these two super powers in a 1 0n 1 duel, then fizzle it, you just kill the whole momentum of the last 10 years.  (Spoilers) So what we got was a good ol shoot out and before anyone could hit super saiyan level, the bad dude just spontaneously combusts (um… cause of other things happening elsewhere… watch the movie for details)!!  Seriously?  Yeah sure, we got some good CG fireworks there for a second, but nothing that we haven’t seen before or what we had been frothing at the mouth to see since the series began.  Sigh… (surprisingly enough, I caught the ending of the video game version and it was more satisfying than the movie!  so uh… go play the game!  lol!)

Now, I won’t say “oh boo, don’t watch this!  humbug and such!”, no… The movie was entertaining and a decent send off for the series, but it just falls short of expectations… sooo… keep that in mind and give it a look.

OH!!! I have to tell you all a hilarious story!  When I went to go see this movie, it was all kinds of tempest outside!  Like crazy crazy storms popped up out of nowhere in the middle of it.  Of course, we knew because it sounded like bombs going off above us!  And that’s in a sound insulated theater!  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but when they had the final showdown, and were pulling out wands… right before they launched their magics out… the power went off!  The entire theater just burst into laughter!  They got it all back up in a few minutes and rewound a bit, but still… the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  >D

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