Heh, not sure what got me going on this, but I really wanted to “demake” wowcrafts! Just imagine if it was an old snes side scroller… Man, that’d be good times! So somebody with some programming talent needs to get on this right away!

For some reason, photoshop has issues with sharp lines when sizing images down, so:

(That’s Sindy and Coffee btw)

Oh… and I’d like to share some awesome demakes with you guys:

Pixil Force!  This guy has an amazing Halo, Guitar Hero, and Left 4 Dead series of demaked games!  And is working on TF2!

Super Smash Land, a wicked Gameboy-esque Super Smash Brothers demake.

Greek & Wicked, a God of War demake to Game & Watch style.  Not too bad… wish I had a Tiger game of this!

Codename Gordon, a commercial demake to promote Half-Life 2 (needs Steam to work).

Old-schooled... Is there a market for "Demaked" / retro style games?

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