Lol!  Hope yall enjoy!  XD

Anywho, got the idea for this a while back when I did the Human Abduction comic.  Actually, I have a bit of an “alien” phobia.  Not so much the weird “Aliens” movies or Halo dudes, but those little grey dudes.  Which, is totally contrary to logic, but there it is.  Bunch of pale dudes skinnier than me makes me lose sleep.  Ah well, guess phobias aren’t logical.

But ya know, maybe they’re not so bad… if they’re so advanced, they must have smexy aliens too, right?  RIGHT?!  Least that’s the logic from the original Star Trek anyways.  >D

Watched a documentary the other day kinda about this very subject… err, not really, but they speculated that given certain needs and biological limitations, the more intelligent lifeforms would have the basic structure of us humans (standing erect, 2-4 arms with dexterous hands, 2-4 legs, eyes at the front with centralized senses and brain at a “head”… that sort of thing).  Fun to imagine, though I’m not sure how accurate those assumptions might be.  Then again, we’re probably the country bumpkins of the universe so assuming we’re the “most intelligent and perfect form” might be somewhat laughable.

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