Part 2 of 2 (Terraria Review)

Yup, that brings us to our Terraria review.  Now, I don’t mind telling you guys I was a bit hesitant in checking it out.  At first, I got caught up in the whole “it’s a Minecraft clone” and at first glance, it looks basically just like one but in 2d.  And yes, it is a 2d sandbox building game, just like Minecraft minus a dimension, but it’s sooooo much more!  And as a new Steam fan, I picked up this little baby for like $4ish during one of their blowouts and it was money well spent!

So what is it then?  Well, sure, it’s a building and mining game, but that’s not the focus at all!  Actually, I’d say it’s more of a crafting and action type game.  See, the main difference is in the combat system.  There are just TONS of enemies to battle, even big ol bosses you can summon!  And there is a clear progression of the game as well.  You make your weapons and armor, set off into the world, then collect materials to upgrade all your stuff.  Once you get better gear, you can go into the more dangerous areas, get more stuff to upgrade, and so on.  Not only that, but the crafting has lots of fun things to make.  So you’ve got furniture, walls, doors, armor, weapons, and potions!  Very awesome stuff!

Not to mention (wow, I’m on topic pretty early!), the feeling of township makes the atmosphere more interesting.  Yeah, you might only see your NPC companions when you login or stash your junk, but there’s something about having people around gives the landscape some color.  You’ve got your nurse, druid, arms dealer, creepy old man, etc… though I think it could stand to use a nice burlesque dancer…  >)

Now, since Minecraft and Terraria are some kind of weird cousins that just met, we kind of have to compare the two.  MC is the undisputed granddaddy of all sandbox blocky games, but it absolutely lacks the combat stylings of Terraria.  This is where the T-meister beats MC hands down!  In addition, you kinda get upclose and personal with your character.  All your stuff that’s equipped or in your bag is transported with you to other worlds.  Not to mention your health and mana upgrades.  So you can connect to your character better.  Just wish you could customize your guy more like in MC, but whatevs.  Also, the crafting and population awards go to Terry as well.  There’s just no reason MC has no people in it (single player) or massive amounts of things to craft.  However, MC kicks Terraria’s butt in one area… building!  There’s just no comparison.  You can build structures in Terraria, sure, but you are kind of limited by that 2d thingy.  Making a big 3d castle (or in my case, office building) in MCworld is so satisfying, even if the furnishings are a bit sparse.  But in 2d, it just doesn’t feel so epic.  Maybe that’s just me, but it’s the vibe I get.

So should you buy Terraria over Minecraft?  Or the other way around?  Um… no.  Buy both!  Together they’re cheaper than any other new game in the store and will provide you with lots of fun for many hours.  Both are updated “regularly” with new content so things won’t get stale too much with either.  However, the replay value of Terraria is a bit lacking at the moment because the progression was a bit easier (previous to the most recent patch)… meaning after about 40hrs and getting all the top gear and beating all the bosses… it was kind of done.  BUT, like I said, they continuously release content, and in one of the future (next?) patches will be even more bosses and harder “next tier” content.  Minecraft will give you countless hours of building fun, but unless you’re on a multiplayer server, it get’s kinda lonely out there, and the combat is kinda meh (again… something talked about in a future patch).  So… in closing… buy both.  LOL!  But seriously… just do it!  XD

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