So… Who else is looking forward to Transmogrification in patch 4.3?  I know I am! And especially the Void Storage, cause Elune knows I “horde”, heh, all my flavor items!

I’m interested in seeing what everybody makes.  Right now I’m using the model viewer to get an idea of what I items I’ve got to start farming.  Hopefully it doesn’t cost toooo much gold to do.

Then again… I’m sure there will be plenty of folks getting some slightly insane looking outfits as seen above… (and if I had a rouge, I’d be one of them) >)  What are all you guys going to make?

Hmm… maybe we should have a “best outfit contest”…. hmmm…

(Today’s cameo courtesy of the illustrious PipHalsey)

Transmogragafl... err whatevers... Does you likes?

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