Given the feedback from my first 2 strips, I’ve been forced to make more of these crossovers!  >)

Just in case you don’t play both, Minecraft and Terraria both have “hell worlds”.  Though, to get to them, each game goes about it a little differently…  See, in MC, you craft a portal that will transport you to another dimension filled with flying cannon ball spewing squids… In Terraria, you dig straight down…  For about 1.5 miles if you’re on a large map!  Maybe some others do things differently, but that’s the easiest way I can figure it.  It also helps to have some sort of safe stopping method at the ending… You tend to go splat if you don’t.  >D

In other news, the powers that be over at Mojang officially released the 1.8 pre-release version for public download!!  There was a bit of a leak with 1.8, so it was out there before it was ready… but I think sending out an official update was a good way of dealing with it.  LOTS of great things to see!  Especially the creative mode!

I would like to critique this update, but unfortunately it’s only part 1 of 2… so… we’ll let it slide till we get the full version.  But lets just say, it looks darn pretty now with the way biomes are generated.

So go over to the official forums and CHECK IT OUT!

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