Yikes, this is one from the vaults!  Anywho, I’ll be honest, I’ve tried out the ol interweb dating thing before… not very impressed.  Sure, I’ve shot some weddings before (in a past life) that were the results of eHarmony and the like, but that seems like a bit of an outlier.  For the most part, it’s just that, window shopping; weeding through all those little nuances that you would normally just overlook in the real world.  I won’t lie, it happens both ways and to all of us.  Maybe it’s because it’s like ordering from a catalog, maybe it’s because all your info is just right there for all to see, or maybe it’s because the internets damage your brains a few IQ points… IDK… but without getting into it too much, we’ll just leave it at “I don’t think it works”.

That being said, I was going to get into that whole “evil Gizmodo intern bashed nice nerdy dude” thing, but it’s been a bit done to death.  So I’ll just sign off with this bit of advice; don’t ever be ashamed of your nerditude and just be careful out there… there’s some crazies and some of them like to air your junk online.

I… kind of don’t want to actually post a link to that article or any of that junk; cause I’d rather not give them any traffic for bashing a fine gentleman, but if you really want to know what’s going on, I’ll put it in a comment or something.  But in one of the follow up articles on another site, someone said something interesting… that karma has a way of working out one’s misdoings… so her name is forever branded into google with that article and a few hundred thousand responses by the angry public.  So again… just watch what you say.  >)

BTW… you’d think after so long of drawing myself in that shirt, I’d actually make a shirt like that!  sigh… another project for another day…

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