I’m pretty sure that even the mere utterance of the word “god particle” makes every physicist in the world cringe in pain.  It’s a bit of a sensationalism tactic to get all the scientifically apathetic folks to tune into the ongoings at CERN.  Guess it’s a marketing/journalism thing… Anyways, this is what I think of every time I hear someone use that term.

So… here’s how this is gonna go.  I think I’m going to toss in a little “wth are you talkin bout” section and a little something extra filled with sciency nerdy insanity from deep within the vaults of my brains.  If you’ve got no interest in these shenanigans, then your TLDR can start now:

“God Particle” aka “the reason why scientists hate the media”

So this particle we’re all talking about is the Higgs-Boson (a word I’ll never pronounce in any other way than “bassoon”).  This little guy was deemed the “god particle” because it’s basically the missing link in a long chain of theories.  Actually, a better term would be the “Smoking Gun Particle” or the missing link “The Abominable Particle”!  Anything would have been better!  Ah well.

What they’re doing at CERN is trying to speed up atoms in huge accelerators, packing on even more energy, and ramming them together at about 99% the speed of light causing massive amounts of energy to be produced.  This energy is enough to condense into other particles (different from the original).  The hope is, the energy will make one of the “virtual particles” theorized.  And the white whale of that is the Higgs-Boson.  Ok ok… maybe I need to describe the whole virtual particle thing… Under the field theories, all the fundamental forces of nature (strong & weak nuclear forces, electromagnetic, and gravitational) exist not as waves (which, if you’re my age, is what you learned in school) but as areas of probability where particles associated with these fields blip in and out of existence.  Kind of like on borrowed time.  Anyways, each field is supposed to have an associated particle, so the electromagnetic one would be the photon and so on.  We’ve been able to observe these… all for one…

That’s right folks!  The elusive Higgs-Boson particle is the one that hasn’t been seen yet… while we have an explanation for the other forces in nature, we’re still not overly sure how things get their mass.  That’s where the Higgs field comes into play.  The theory goes back to the old “ether” ideas, where all of the universe is submerged in an ether “a field” of stuff… and as this idea goes, some particles gain more mass as they attract and collect a greater number of the virtual particles of this field.  So… the particle associated with this field is, you guessed it, the Higgs-Boson!

Finding this little guy would verify a completely new fundamental force and provide an explanation for why things have mass.  It would also, well maybe, open up debate to even more types of fields and whatnot.  Long story short… it’s a pretty darn important experiment in the physics world.

Debate about more fields from crazy people like ME!!!

Yup!  Got an idea on this one.  “Well Shawn, why are you telling us this?” because where else am I gonna air out my insanities?  lol!  Right, so here’s my ideas… feel free to call me totally insane.

Well… I really like the whole field theory.  It’s a lot of fun!  But here’s what always bugged me… See, I’m a visual person (artist guy), so this whole multiple dimension thing always boggled my mind a bit.  Up until maybe a year ago, I’d have argued the 4th dimension was time (dimension as in length, width, height, time, etc… not where Cthulhu’s from… that’s a different universe), but now I’m liking the idea that it’s not a progression, but an overlay.  What I mean is, in our universe, we can observe length, width, and height.  But also length of time as well.  While I guess this could be assumed as the 5th and 6th dimensions, I’d rather consider an overlay of LWH of space and LWH of time.  (Since if you have a 2d universe, why would it skip the 3rd and go to the 4th?  bleh, messy)

Right, so that being said, I’ve been enjoying trying to come up with what a width of time and a height of time would be.  What I’ve been tinkering with lately is the idea of time as a field!  An all encompassing ether of a time probability field saturated universe.  This opens things up to a lot of fun possibilities!  Specifically, when you talk about the other dimensions of time… Such as the width of time being circles of probabilities instead of separate but parallel “lengths of time” (read: parallel time lines).

Man, I really like it!  See, the thing about these probability fields is that they can exist in multiple states (places) until observed.  Mix this a bit with the old Chaos Theory and you’ve got a lot of things going on… Say the act of a conscious choice can make an infinite number of possible timelines splitting off… Turn right instead of left and the entire universe collapses.  (this is the multiple universe and parallel universe / timeline all that junk theories)  And it works really nice here.  It gets messy when you say that every decision creates an instant infinite number of universe, rather when you have a probability, you can have multiple universe possibilities all smunched together.  In my head, the simple version would be that for every person, you’d see a top down sea of overlapping circles of possibilities, where they are limited by the number of “observers” or others that have come into contact (meaning, I met someone and our probability fields would overlap… so there would be things that we both do that could effect outcomes in different ways)… long version, every spec of matter is considered an “observer” and that causes some bad headaches to think about.

Um… I hope all that made sense… anyways, the long and short… time is a field which has length (our time line we experience) and width (the connection of probabilities of people(or whatever) who meet).  Hmm… that’s a really bad explanation, but whatever.  I like it because it connects a lot of dots and solves quite a bit of issues; and stitches things like multi-universes together without the mess of “where the hell does all that extra matter come from”.  I guess I could get into some of the data and I bet I could bs an equation, but meh… easiest thing to say is “thing goes really fast, thing gets more mass and slower time.  if mass is a stuff it bumps into more and more stick to it, same can be said with time.  if more time bumps into it, gets slower time.”  Works kinda nice with that space/time gravity thingy (like how more stuff=slower time + dimple in space).

Ok… that’s enough for now… I’m working on another science comic for next friday, one of the oldest from the ol chest!  13+yrs back actually!  So these concepts are kind of important to the wall of text that’ll be coming with it.

I doubt any of this is gonna stick… more like the ramblings of a mad man.  But hell, if by some chance it’s actually legit, I would like it to be known that this “time field” theory shall henceforth be known as the “Universal Theory of Shawn Is The Awesomest Ever And Something About Time Or Whatever”!!  No seriously… Just think about how pissed off physics students would be 100yrs from now when they have to learn that!  XD

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