Civilization 5 review.

What can I say about Civ 5?  If crack was a video game, it would be Civ 5!  Yup… that’s about it…

Ok ok… Civ 5 is just one of those awesome strategy games that you can’t put down.  Why?  Because you build your own empire and take out every other country!  Mwahahahaha!!!  That’s why!  It seems so simple, but that’s the basics of it and because of that simple structure, they’ve been able to make a whole lot of awesome editions.  The graphics are pretty good… good enough that low settings make my laptop cry a bit.  So I guess if you don’t have a decent setup, you’ll be cursing the lag.  Since my last Civ game was like 2 or 3, the difficulty of it has been majorly ramped up!  See, you can’t just attack other units or cities, you need to set up a strategic pattern of ranged and infantry units to bombard and storm the cities, or else you’ll get squashed instantly.  For me, once you get the stealth bomber, it’s game over!  Make a half dozen and you can take out a city every turn.  So probably the majority of the game’s difficulty will be trying to get to that point.

This is way different than my days in Civ 2… man I loved that game!  Cause you could not only build nukes by the dozen, but launch them into space and rain down hell from above!  (right, did I mention I was insane before?)  Of course, there would be fallout which would make black tiles you couldn’t use any more… and there was the risk of global warming which would cause the oceans to rise by 1 tile…  still… my tactic was pretty effective!  >)

Then again, my major problem with the game has always been with the inequality in combat.  See, when you have an F-16 and you attack a Roman Legionnaire, you’d think that it would be a little one sided… but when your F-16 dies because the swordsman had lots of experience, upgrades, and was from a city with all those barracks and stuff, it gets a bit frustrating.  I’m not sure if the pilots are flying too close to the ground or what, but they shouldn’t take damage.  At all!  Luckily, they’ve fixed this quite a bit in the newest incarnation of the game, but it seems that they can still take a few pot shots for a few hit points.  Ah well…  What can ya do?

Sooooo yeah… that’s Civ 5 for ya.  Great game if you have a few hours you don’t mind disappearing from your day.  Go get it at STEAM!  And please, keep an eye out for their sales!  I got this for something ridiculous, like 65% off or so.  You can also try out the demo too!

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Ok gang!
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