More like only one star!  Ha!  Get it cause… we’ve only got one… Fine!  Never mine!

Anywho, this is a pretty interesting problem posed in the Fermi Paradox, where it asks that very question.  If there really were aliens or time travelers or any of that other kind of stuff… why have we not met any yet?  Couple that with the Drake Equation (which puts the number of intelligent civilization in the galaxy between 1 and 20,000) and it’s a very valid question… where is everyone?

So where are they?  Saying the hell away from us if they’re even the slightest bit intelligent!  Come on, who are we fooling here?  If there are aliens, why would they want to talk to us?  We’re constantly at the brink of global war and insanely intolerant of our own kind, let alone an extraterrestrial one.  As for time travelers, why would they even want to visit us yet?  What have we done so far that would warrant seeing again?  Maybe to us it might seem exciting, but who knows, maybe the best is yet to come!

That, and all them thick glasses types try to say “oh if you go back in time, it would create another universe/timeline so we would never know it happened”.  Bupkis I say!  Yeah, I know that’s what all the popular kids are saying, but I just never liked the multiverse thing.  I guess if you apply my “time as a field” theory, it would explain how it’s possible to have multiple versions of a universe going while able to share the same space and matter.  Works pretty nice actually… Anyways, I’ve never like the whole paradox thing either.  Not sure what my thoughts are on it other than “it doesn’t matter cause it’s all a probability field”, but that seems a little too easy.  Still… I like that timey wimey wibbly wobbly goo idea…  Ah well… who knows, maybe Time Cop was right; if you come into contact with yourself from your past you’ll implode!  XD