I think we know who the real thieves are…

GTA 5 Trailer

Anyways guys, looks like another exciting sequel to the Grand Theft Auto series is upon us!  Seems that we’re headed to “LA” this time.  Got a very nice video of some action, though it’s all speculation as to who the main character will be.  Which brings me to the theme of today’s comic.  See so many of these games feature a “minority of the month” as the main character to be perpetrating all kinds of villainous antics, but this always bugged me a bit.  Kind of seems like it portrays minorities in a bad light.  Not a fan of that.  Maybe I’m wrong, but it just seems a little prejudiced *stereotype-casted. (edited for better wording)

So why can’t we portray in these games the actual criminals.  The people who’ve robbed America blind, then ask for hand outs because they might not get a bonus.  That’s right, all them CEOs and banks are the real crooks, so I say we should have them be the main characters of GTA!  It’d be more realistic if you had, the CEO of Bank of America or Enron or any of the other corporate thieves that have contributed to the decline of our financial structure.

That being said… I really hope this game is more SA-like than GTA4.  I played the heck out of SA and yet couldn’t even get more than half way through 4.  Not sure what they did exactly to ruin it, maybe it was the more linear gameplay and lack of a real SA style sandbox, but it just didn’t do it for me.  That and I really couldn’t connect with the character.  In SA, you could really see how Carl Johnson gets sucked into this life of crime and destruction… but not so much with Niko.  For me at least.  In any case, it looks just perdy and I’ll definitely be giving it a try!

Source: Escapist

I’m going to be out for like 2 weeks coming up here, so if anyone would be interested in submitting some guest art for Coffin Comics or Tooned News, let me know!