And this, my friends, is why I’m still single!  XD

I have to admit, whenever I’m in an Italian restaurant, I can’t help but think of this exact thing when I see the “antipasti” section of the menu.  It’s anti pasta!  Pasta’s arch nemesis!  >D

Anyways, how bout a brief physics lesson about pasta and anti-pasta!  Well, I guess technically it’s matter and anti-matter, but my way is better.  So yeah, it’s actually a pretty elemental yet very perplexing concept of our natural world.  Anti-matter is just regular matter but with the opposite charge.  Easy enough huh?  So protons are negative and electrons turn positive.  These are actually created naturally under certain conditions and there’s even a belt of them around the Earth!  They have even been observed as a product of thunder storms!  Craziness!

So what’s so special about anti-matter?  Well… nothing!  It’s the same as your generic over the counter matter you use every day.  Just has the charge flipped.  Everything “seems” to work just fine and you could even have a, well, YOU made out of the stuff!  In fact, the entire universe could be made out of it!

But uh… that’s kinda the catch and the reason why this stuff is so interesting.  Cause when your pasta and anti-pasta touch, well, it goes all Time Cop and annihilates itself!  We’re talking kaboom!  And that’s where things get weird.  Because there’s very little good reason for the whole of the universe to be made up of ordinary matter.  Why is there no anti-matter universe?  Why isn’t it 50/50?  I’m not even going to try to touch that with a 10 foot spaghetti, so you’ll have to fathom that on your own.  Though one of the researches currently running is to find out if it’s all just hiding out in the outer rim of the universe… cause maybe the universe is just an anti-pasta shell with a delicious nougat filling.  Which would mesh up nicely with the whole Big Bang thing.  Cause that would explain a lot.

That and it would make all them quantum peoples happy.  Why?  Well, remember that whole field theory thing I spoke about before?  The one with the “virtual particles”?  Well, this happens when matter or energy can be created on “borrowed time/energy”.  On paper, the equation balances out, but the entirety of the mechanics is still pretty new, so why something can just blip in and out of existence is a mystery.  But, when you look at the matter/anti-matter equation, what you find is the annihilation can cause a “virtual photon” that decays back into the original matter and anti-matter.  Nifty stuff huh!  That’s an overly simplistic version of it, but the basics are there.  Like you can make some crazy particles different from the original matter in high-energy experiments.