Hmm… always wondered what it would look like if you were one of the 2d side scrolling characters.  Do they see just a 2d plain like in the comic, or is it more of an awareness of the other 3rd dimension?  Come to think of it, wasn’t there some weird Mario game where you went into the front view of the side scroller?

Ok gang, so here’s the deal for the next coming weeks.  I’m going to be out of town for about 3 weeks so I kind of had to speed up production a bit.  So in the following weeks, you’ll be getting a Wednesday and Friday update of a comic written by my friend (and drawn by your’s truly).  It’s done in outline b/w format only, cause, ya know, had to make a bunch on the fly.  So I hope you enjoy his insanity as much as you have mine!  “Should” be back in full swing come Dec.12th (that monday).  If you guys like his comic, we might be able to convince him to do a few more for the site.  >)  What’s Shakin’ will have maybe 1-2 pages/weeks of downtime… depending on if I get over this cold quickly and get back to drawing ahead.  Regardless, I got some nifty wallpapers for your amusement in the meantime.