Ok, so I broke down and got Skyrim.  Gotta say… good decision!  I’ll be writing a review comic about it later, cause uh… I’ve played it for about 3 hours only, so… probably need a bit more time to form an opinion other than “is good, go buy”.  But I’ll give an overview of what I’ve seen so far… which amounts to about 10min of actual game and 2 someodd hours of character building.

Anywho… it’s DEFINITELY a Bethesda game, with intricate slider bars for everything.  Though, I have to admit that it feels there’s quite a bit less options in this incarnation.  Like, Fallout 3 had so many options and tweeks that the more you spent working on constructive surgery, the more Picasso your face ends up.  Hmm… come to think of it, that’s probably why there are less!  Honestly, do we really need 20 slider option bars for how my eyelashes should look?  I like customization, but only to a point.  Then again, I found it VERY difficult to make a “me” in the game with the constrained options.  I guess it was close… ya know… if I was all buff and about 2o years older…

But I guess that’s the game I always end up playing.  I figure, if I can get the character to look like me, I win!  Though I think the best set of appearance options award goes to Champions Online.  Yeah, they’re cartoonish, but there really isn’t a whole lot you can’t do.  My other successes have been in Lord Of The Rings Online, Fallout 3 (to some extent), Global Agenda, and Half Life. >)  Hmm… all this reminds me of a comic I did just about a year ago LINK.  Déjà vu!

(ps… my roommate back there.  He’s got some guest comics coming for when I’m out.  There’s still a little time before I’ll be out for like 3 weeks, so… contact me via that contact page if you want to submit a tooned news or something.  I’ll be gone just about next week at this time and back early December.  Don’t worry… there will be stuff here to amuse y’all still!  XD  )