You know, we live in an interesting time.  Anything and everything you toss out there on the internet has a high probability that it will stick there for, well… ever.  I guess that’s one of the big things people need to think about, especially the younger folks, that you leave a legacy behind, a crumb trail of who you were, and that’s just terrifying!  Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, whatevers… they all get cataloged in one way or another, even if you think it’s all private (yeah, good job facebook with that one).  And the bigger issue is that many folks tend to lose their minds online.  Just go to some forum somewhere, yeah, conversations degrade pretty quick.  The internets is not as anonymous as you might think and pictures, videos, posts, etc have a way of resurfacing after a while.  Heck, you can even get tagged in a photo that you didn’t even know was taken… and I hope you’re not doing something inappropriate!  XD

Point is… use the internet wisely.  Stuff kind of has a way of persisting and just think about how your kids, relatives, and future generations will view you.