Hey look!  It’s Salty Bill back in his swtor incarnation!  >D

So far, I’ve only played 2 classes and only one of the advanced classes each.  Coffin is, of course, Sith Sorcerer, which is a lot of fun, but I tired of healing leveling so he’s a warlock now… if that makes sense…  But he was a bit squishy, so I leveled Salty as a Bounty Hunter (Merc).  BHs are just wonderful!  Great solo class!

But it’s interesting though, since I figured myself to be more of a force user.  Lightsabers are pretty darn awesome to zip around with though.  Can’t say the same for the blasters… they’re just… a little underwhelming I think.  Sure you can change the color of the zap, but the guns for BH are just so tiny… they don’t really seem very threatening (unlike a lightsaber).