You know, it’s an odd thing when you see on news reports and forums when they talk about these “Occupy This And That” groups and it seems to be the default for every source to tell them to “go get a job”.  Odd I say since I’ve been out of and seeking employment for a very long time now (granted, started up Jester Brand and am slowly but surely making these comicals pay the bills) and can confirm with a great deal of accuracy that those people are @#$%@holes.  Indeed, the problem here is that unemployment is just astronomical!  And don’t even get me started on the “reported figures” since they’re bupkis.  Just try and apply somewhere, or look at a stripmall that’s completely barren, or look at your neighborhood with all the empty homes for sale because the owners were laid off.  The problem, my friends, isn’t going to just go away.

This, I suppose, is a bit of a sensitive issue with me, since it impacted me directly.  Luckily I have many friends and family and viewers like you who have helped me through this.  But many people aren’t so lucky… And who’s going to help them?

I think my biggest issue with the whole situation is how it was handled on the governmental level.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, trickle down NEVER works (well, in some specific cases, but not with economic reboots)!  Give money to big companies and banks and what not who lay off their staff the next day isn’t a sign of progress.  And the other issue is with the whole hiring process!  It is seriously messed up right now.  Because so many of the upper level people are now on the lamb (totally used that wrong), the expectation for entry level is much higher.  Now you see “Entry Level Job: Requires 5 yrs of experience”.  What the hell are they talking about?  Sorry college kids, you guys are going to get hit the hardest with all of this.

The other problem I see is this… many companies have slimmed down to save money.  That’s a fancy way of saying they laid off half their staff so the managers and owners can still bank their Christmas bonuses.  So now you have a company, making the same product or service, with less people doing twice or three times the work… Get where I’m going with this?  If things just magically turned around tomorrow and the news announces that the recession is over and everything is fixed… If that happened, what is to make the rest of us believe that companies will un-lay off the workers?  What leads us to believe that companies will hire to fill those thousands (or even tens of thousands) of jobs they shoved on to their remaining staff?  Yeah, something tells me that a lot of folks will find out the hard way that those who are looking to get back with their old companies or fields will have a tough time finding spots left open, and those that remained will be burdened with carrying the weight of those who were let go.  Time will tell, but for now it looks like we’ve still got some rough waters ahead.

Heck, all those people mocking the protesters should just be thankful that all they are doing is just raising a little rabble.  There’s a word for what happens when classes become split too far, when people get tired of choosing between food for themselves and for their children, when their pleas for stability and equality fall upon deaf ears…  And historically, the outcome has never been all that great for the people at the top of the class system.  Not saying it will, but just saying that maybe instead of mocking people, it might be in everybody’s best interest to try and squash this whole economic poop hole for good.

There’s a lot of theories and such about how to get the whole thing back on track, and I’d love to hear in the comments some good discussions about how to do it (keep it nice and orderly, ol chaps an chapettes!).  My theory is that people need to spend more… hoarding money causes more problems than not, so getting that good old fashioned materialism back up in order will definitely give a booster shot to the system.  Otherwise… I’d say penalize large companies for layoffs (especially if they get stimulus money)!  For every person out of work is another major hit to our economy and it’ll take longer to recover.  Oh right, and add duties (taxes), heavy ones, for services rendered in foreign countries!  That might not play nice with out nations, but outsourcing jobs is never a good thing.

Anyways, the floor is open, lets hear some fixes people!  We got a civilization to save! (well… at least we can say we tried… I’m sure all the suits will just laugh at us derisively and toss some gold shillings on the ground to shut us up)

(PS… I’m still out and about… I’ll be back soonish!)