Hmm, guess this is my first stab at a political cartoon.  Hope y’all like!

Anyways, so here’s what’s going on… I was poking around this whole SOPA business and learned that there were quite a few companies supporting it!  Probably not very shocking, but the majority of them were in the music and movie industries. What really got me (and this is where I don my tin foil hat) was that the creator of SOPA, Lamar Smith, received a lot of money from those very companies!  I repeat… The CREATOR of SOPA got MONEY from it’s biggest SUPPORTERS.  Time Warner, Disney, MPAA, Sony, Viacom, Nat. Assc. of Broadcasters, Comcast, Cox, Universal, and more were ALL major contributors to Lamar’s campaign.  All are companies vocal in support of SOPA.

Sure, that might not raise any big red flags for most, but lets just pick this apart shall we?  See, when you try to go and get into some sort of political position, you raise funds to promote yourself and whatnot.  Well, just like borrowing money from the mob, sometimes they expect a little favor or two (foil hat).  Maybe it’s me just being a bit too conspiracy theorist, but my gut just tells me that these companies put this man in the right position (or simply lined his pockets) and handed him the form to execute their plans.

Whenever you want to find out the source of mischief and mayhem, you follow the money.  These companies are in a direct line to gain from the passing of this bill.  They would directly benefit financially from it.  Basically, giving them an easy route to attack ISPs, website owners, and individuals through quick lawsuits to recoup all these “virtual losses”.  Again, I’m not a fan of the “if they download, they obviously would have bought a real copy” theory, so going after them seems like a dirty way to suck money out of a group that wouldn’t have purchased anything in the first place.  I get trying to stop piracy, but this is beyond that… it’s like being able to sue a a guy’s entire family if he stole your wallet. (poor metaphor, but you get what I’m going for)

Now, I’m not going to say we shouldn’t have anything to control intellectual properties online, but SOPA is definitely NOT the way to do it.  Apart from the obvious abuse of free speech and the ideals our entire nation was built upon, it seems to me that it was an intentional attempt to scam money out of the global populace to benefit the investors of a political pawn.

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