Man… I love Bioware sometimes.  And the light/dark side choices are just a whole lot of fun!  Especially if you plan to level alts. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a Jedi or Sith, you can be good or bad.

Now, I could go on and on about the use of this in SWTOR, but instead, I think I’m going to comment a bit on our galactic dual party system.  So, we have the Empire and Republic… needless to say, I chose to serve the Empire, and one would think you’d be doing all kinds of nasty.  But I was a bit surprised to find that they balanced the good/evil thing quite a bit.  What I mean is, from the Empire’s side, the Republic are a the bad guys.

From my perspective, both a lightside Bounty Hunter and Sith Sorcerer, the Jedi are seen as completely unreasonable and boarder-lined genocidal.  Every time I’ve run into a Jedi, they made it a point to explain how we Sith are the scourge of the universe and that it was the Jedi’s duty to eradicate them from existence.  Also, from the dialog choices I’ve made, my story unfolded to be someone who was trying to save the Empire and spread peace throughout the galaxy.  So come on, it’s not that bad right??

Ok, just a littttle bad…  But here’s my thing with the Empire vs. Republic…  When you look at both of them objectively, you see that the Empire is split up into 2 groups; the troops and staff (not including the Imperial Agents… they’re just crazy evil) and then the ruling bodies, the Sith.  From my experiences with them, it seems like the troops are always having to fix the problems of the Sith, because they just walk around like they own the joint; killing and maiming and whatnot.  So as you can see, they have some obvious issues with anger.  I like to imagine that those without the force seem to just be biding their time until they can over take the Sith, seeings how they’re self destructive nature will just get everyone in trouble.  Anyways, average the two groups out and you still have an overwhelming desire to conquer, assimilate, and control, all through less than diplomatic means.

On the other side is the Republic.  Now, all the documentaries try to tell you they’re the victims and are the only ones who can stop that big bad Empire from taking over the universe… Yeah, ok, but lets look at them a bit closer shall we?  The Jedi have MASSIVE superiority complexes!  They repress emotion and claim to follow only the path of “good”, but to what end?  Actually, they remind me of the old Crusaders; killing, pillaging, and converting people to “their” way of thinking all in the name of doing good.  Just a little too righteous sounding to me.  And look at all of my interactions with them so far.  I’ve done nothing but try to be peaceful and not get into a fight, but they all have insisted that because I’m Sith, I must die.  Yeah… that’s messed up.  Killing off a people they find to be “evil” without exception or questions asked.  And don’t get me started on how corrupt the actual Republic is… My fav incident was that they were setting up to secretly invade an entire planet (Balmora I think…) and was being set in works for the past few decades!  An absolute breach of peace treaties and all that junk!!  Evil!

So… The reason why I like the Empire is because they’re direct.  They know they’re pretty darn bad and they act accordingly.  The Imperials don’t try to hide the fact that they are after power and control.  But that’s the difference there, because the Republic are in it for all the same things while under the guise of superiority and righteousness… and that there is why I like the Empire!  The devil you know kinda thing.  I’d rather follow the guys that know who they are and act accordingly then those who try to hide their true nature under false pretense.   That and cause lightning powers are just more cool.  >)

As for lightside and darkside… I’ve never liked the dichotomy.  It’s like Yin and Yang, one extreme or the other is bad, but true good lies within the balance.  I guess that is the same with the force; denying balance causes nothing but destruction.  From what I can see, based on all this craziness going on in the SW universe, it seems that nothing goes well when you split the force into extremes.  But I guess that’s what Vader was all about, right?  Bringing balance to the light and dark?  Something like that…

Anywho… think I’ll have 2 polls this time!  >D