Careful with that joke, it’s an antique!

Ya know, I had a great week last week… got way caught up and even finished a print I was working on… aaaaand now I’m miserably sick.  Been knocked on my butt for the last 2 days and probably tomorrow if it doesn’t let up.  Man, I tells ya, they need to be spending some major research bucks on curing the common cold, not just covering it up with witch’s brew of everything in the medicine cabinet and calling it cold syrup.  Bleh!


Anyways, did a little fan arts for GameChap & Bertie a while back and they just put it up on one of their quite spiffing videograms you know!  Check out their youtube page for lots of minecraft mod reviews and game playthroughs all in the tone of jolly old englishmen no less!  Great Scott!  My art you should be able to pick out, but if not, it’s the first one they show.  >)  Anyways, check em out HERE.