So this is what I don’t get about the whole Star Warsy universe, we’ve got massive advances in technology like interstellar travel, advanced medicines, robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber implants, and a galactic communications network, just to name a few… But what gets me is that whenever it’s time to make a simple “phone” call, my guy whips out a brick of a device that’s something akin to the 19080s cell phones.  I mean, yeah, later on in the movies you see mini ones that can fit in the palm of your hand and sure that’s a good 3k or so years from SWTOR, but am I really to believe that I need to fill an entire backpack with this 5lb device just so I can see a grain, glitchy monochrome projection filled to the top with scan lines?  What, did I buy the PAL version or something?  And with a few centuries time, how have they not been able to make a technicolor version?

Of all the tech in the SW universe, I think the holo stuff is by far the most frustrating.  It reminds me of all those games or movies that are set in the future where everything is all ultra modern looking and shiny, then you’ve got some weird misplaced image display that I swear is an old 50s tv set just soldered into place.  Heck, our communications devices went from the size of a brick (literally) to so small it can fit in your ear in the short span of 20ish years… AND it plays Angry Birds!  Don’t see any sling shot action in those hologram thingies now do ya?  And what advantages would having a hologram of the person you’re talking to have anyways?  What if I was in the bathroom or something?  You would also be like all those obnoxious people you get stuck in line, or on the bus or train with that have their phones on “walkie talkie” mode so it sounds like two old people with poor hearing yelling at eachother.  Seriously folks, get a headset!  Sure, it’s nice to make sure the guy on the other end isn’t trying to force choke you or something like that, but lets keep the noise pollution down to a minimum here, ok?  Nobody wants to hear your conversations with Darth Spikeyhead nor do we think that you’re cool cause you can make a face to face call at a ski resort on top of a mountain in Alderaan.  It seems to me that it’s more  of a status thing than anything.  So what’s the next step?  Holo-beepers?  Holo-bluetooth?  Holo-pogs?  Idk what’s cool now a days… holo-pokemans?  You get the idea.

Anyways, that’s it for me today.  Enjoy your weekend peeps!

(Ps… I vote that we should get the “flat top” option when they implement barber shops in game)

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