Peep this jazz bro!  It’s the first Dodger that Dylan ever made!  Woots!

Analog PDA

Think I actually feel like this more often then not… I’m kind of a “spur of the moment” creative types, so stuff just sort of pops into my brain.  That’s how about 90% of what you see on this site came to be!  Buuuut that’s only if I can write them down in time.  Sometimes I feel like that guy from Momento, cause if I can’t get my thoughts on paper in a timely manner, then it gets lost forever.  That’s why I always carry with me an Analog PDA (Personal Data Assistant)!  Ok, it’s more of a pocket sized composition notebook from the office supply store, but I like the sound of Analog PDA.  >)

Mine is chock full of sketches and idea jottings… most of it is completely illegible and nothing more than stick figures, but it gets the ideas down.  Then of course, there are those sketches made at like 2am when I have an idea pop into my head while I’m about to go to sleep… which usually results in something akin scribbles and what I can only assume is some sort of alien language.  Anyways, here’s a little page from last week’s comic!

Last Week's Comic Sketch

In other news, my friend Erin has taken over the responsibilities of managing the horridable facebooks for this site!  Man… I just… my brain can’t do it!  Something about keeping up with the updates causes me to die a little.  But never fear!  With some help from my friends, it will be updated and look better than before!!!  Check out the changes RIGHT NOW!!!  That’s an order!  She did a smashing good job with fixing it up too!  There will be a few contests for followers so check it out and maybe you’ll win some lootz!