Here’s the deal folks, nothing sends me into fits of nerdrage more than seeing all these “all natural sea sponges” for sale all over the place; especially if they claim to be better than their synthetic counterparts.  Sure, they might be more environmentally friendly, sure they don’t contain plastics which are both a drain on our petroleum needs as well as potential hazards to human health… But the thing is this, whenever I see them, all I can think of is someone just scrubbing themselves clean with a little furry animal, like a squirrel.  Cause that’s what that is!  Sea Sponges are animals!  Might not be as luxurious as you or me, but an animal none the less!  If you have to use something, go the Luffa route, since those are made from gourds, but please, leave my little critter friends alone!  Use squirrels instead!