Stupid allergies… Always gotta be messing up everyone’s day!  Bleh!

So allergy season is upon us again.  Terrible time ya know.  And of course the only plant everyone seems to ever use to landscape anywhere I go is Confederate Jasmine, which is like the most pungent thing in the universe and turns my brain into a punching bag.  XP

Anyways, lots of really cool changes happening over at the Minecraft site.  Mod APIs, super duper updates, creepers are afraid of cats now… good stuff!  Oh, and Terraria seems to have some good updates too!  Mods is one of them so that’s fun!

Ps… SWTOR 1.2!  Wewt!

Sorry, today is kind of random stuff…  Kind of excited, got some super special stuff coming your way and I’m about 4/7 the way through with it.  >D  hehe, cryptic!  In other news, I was considering adding a whole “game/movie/tech review” section to the site.  I kind of touched on this with accompanying comics, but I was thinking about doing some straight up reviews (in my usual laid back writing style).  Wondering what your thoughts are on this.  I think it’ll fit in with the whole “gaming and geeking” aspect of the site, even though it started off as a wowcraft weekly comic, I think it’s taken on a life of its own so maybe it would fit.  Anyways, always love to hear feedback from you good folks, so let me know!  And let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see the site do!