Hmm, seems legit!

Man I hope this makes sense… Anyways, I’ve tried all the different operating systems (main ones anyways) and once upon a time I was a Mac only dude.  And I like the Mac OS.  It’s not bad for what it is and I think it tends to get a bad rap.  Sure, it might not be the best for games but man it could run some image software and video editing like a pro!  And it also had great security…

But that was one of the things that bothered me so much about Apple products (and Linux as well); they always have this air of superiority and boasting that they are very secure and devoid of any viruses or malware.  They, Mac and Linux, don’t even have any active antivirus programs (there are some responsive ones for scanning, but meh) to protect your computer.  Actually, that has bugged me forever!  Especially for platforms like Linux, where they have “Live CDs” that you can boot up a premade OS to run on any computer for free!  It’s an awesome product with one massive flaw… The best possible use of this is on infected computers that you can run the live cd on to gain access to your hard drive… AND THEN run a virus scanner to remove them- oh wait, you can’t do that!  Finding a proper antivirus for linux is like finding a proper game for mac (ooooooooooh)!  A majorly disappointing fail with the available software.

Anyways, here’s the news story… Last week more than 600,000 Mac computers (which is like 100% of them, bazing!) were infected with a trojan virus (the FlashBack virus) through a Java loophole with the intent to steal usernames and passwords for banking sites and whatnot.  It’s a pretty amazing feat to take the mighty Mac down off it’s pedestal.  I hate to see it happen, but maybe it should have.  What I’m saying is, it might be the wakeup call Mac users have needed to finally start securing up their machines!  As it stands, the only system for monitoring and fixing computers is through responsive means from the company or poorly tuned 3rd party software.  So you’ll have to wait for an official fix and patch.  What needs to happen is on the major anti-virus companies as well, like Avast/AVG/etc need linux and mac versions as well!  And that will come with demand, which I hope, this experience will provide.

Sorry folks, but there’s no such thing as absolute security or immunity… So you need to use protection!  >)

Source: Telegraph