And hey, maybe your new friends there will help ya!  Haha, fat chance!

Anyways, if any of you were worried in the slightest that our universe gets cancelled on December 21st of this year, then you can rest easy with the knowledge that the end of days isn’t on its way.  Sorry to ruin it for you.

So here’s the thing with all these Mayan folks.  Despite all the human sacrifices and thinking the Spanish were friendly, these guys were actually pretty smart!  Like really smart.  They tracked all kinds of celestial events and even have some amazingly long calendars.  And it’s that calendar issue that’s getting people all worked up.  Well, not you guys, but others I’m sure.  See, the Mayans liked numbers… 13 and 20 to be exact.  They were like holy numbers.  So, we see that a LOT in the structure of their timekeeping.  Here’s how it goes;  a day is 1.  Duh!  Then it counts up to 20 days.  13 sets of 20 becomes 260 days (used for ceremonies)!  Then there’s 360 (a year).  Then 7,200 days of the Ka’tun (20 years).  Which goes to 144,000 days (20 Ka’tuns), called a Bak’tun (400 mayan years).  December of 2012 marks the completion of the 13th Bak’tun, which isn’t cause for alarm, but mass celebration!  It would have been something to look forward to!  And 13 is a lucky number!

Well there you have it!  The end!  Calender done and all life ends right?  Well… no.  We’re just a little over half way there.  20 Bak’tuns will make up the Pik’tun, 2,880,000 days.  20 Pik’tuns is a Kalabtun.  20 of those is a K’inchiltun and 20 of those is the mother of all long counts, the Alautun.  Which, of course, is a lotta tons of days!  23,040,000,000 days… that’s a bit over 63 million of our years…  it’s a long time.

Oh, and no worries about the calendar just ending, they found a cave with some of the writings so we got an extension to that calendar by another few thousand years.  Good times huh?  But uh, we probably would be freaking out about this if some less than savory conquerors hadn’t burned all the texts in the first place.  Just saying… never a good idea.  >\