No it sure isn’t!  I always wondered what it would be like from the other guys’ point of view.  Poor NPCs…  But I guess that’s one thing I never really liked about the whole “mmo logic”, when there are groups of mobs and pulls and of course, when they are low level they don’t even acknowledge your existence.  I wonder though, in more modern gaming times, if the mob groups are really necessary any more.  I mean, look at all the new content that comes out with games like WoW or SWTOR, the raids and dungeons tend to have less and less pulls and more boss fights.  So I wonder if this will be a future trend.  An ending to mob groups and pulls.

Heck, even look at games like the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online, where they claim they are doing away with it completely!  (As in, if you walk into a room, the whole room sees you and you’re going to have a fight on your hands, but the fights are balanced around that so it’s ok.)

Anyways, I just wonder if that’s an archaic mechanic that will be phased out, or something part of the core structure of mmos that will persist for years to come.