Yeah so, I’d totally be hitting up the dark lord for a little extra juice for my ipods!  I guess that’d be one advantage of being dark side, ya know, you can just recharge anything you want… well, since I’m assuming that force lightning is actually electricity.  Somehow, when I think of stuff like “the force”, I think “this would be great if construction workers had it!” I mean really, it would give them better control and no need for big fancy machinery.  Probably even safer too.

So here’s this week’s discussion topic:  What do you think those force users use that force stuff for when there’s not war going on?  Mundane practical applications like construction or do they just keep on training “just in case”?

ALSO!  Just found out about a little local convention, so I’ll be having a table at LAMEcon this year on Sunday, July 22nd from 9am to 7pm.  (click the link for the google map)  It’s in the Land O Lakes Library (that’s in Pasco, just a few minutes north of Hillsborough/Tampa area); and they will have a cosplay contest (1-5 member group skits), achievement system with prizes, artist alley (find me here!), trivia contest, panel discussions (ponies), trading cards, video games, and anime viewing room!  There will also be another day (saturday july 21st 7-10pm) with an anime dance and costume contest and such (but I’ll be at the sunday one).

Anyways, it’s FREE admission and you can come see me so… good stuff!  If you’re in the Pasco/Hillsborough or surrounding areas, you should come on down and join the festivities!