It seems those pesky terrorists have joined us in the modern times by utilizing the internets to conduct their plans to piss off various hornet nests around the world.  See, back in the good ol days, they had to send messages via snail mail, radio, or spread vhs or pamphlets around to garner support.  Now, they can just send an email or to get support from prospective members, they use internet forums.  So lately the various powers that be have been combing through these forums looking for hotspots of terrorist activities.  And to combat such activities… they’ve resorted to the oldest of practices… TROLLING!

That’s right, your tax dollars are financing 4-chan’s finest to fight off these minions of destruction!  See, here’s the theory… if you can undermine the ideals of the people trying to rally support and new members to fight the devils in the west, then the willingness to join such groups will drop; since you know, it’s all about empowerment and praying on high risk individuals, so doing things to pull the rug out from under that empowerment will collapse that momentum.

Interesting idea… trolling the terrorist forums to undermine their causes and make them look like fools.  Not sure how solid the psychology behind this is, but if this actually works, then it’ll be a powerful anti-terrorism tool!  That and it gives us countries in the crosshairs a chance to fire back where it hurts!  Their epeens!

Source: Wired