Wow!  Talk about one from the vault!  This goes a good 14 or so years back!  Anyways, I remember looking at some of those Capcom games, like Street Fighter and man, I couldn’t understand why in the heck the guys had such big bodies, BIG hands, and tiny tiny weeeee little heads!  I know I know, it’s a stylistic thing, but I see this style in a lot of games/comics/and other genres and it’s just really frustrating!  It seem like they make up muscles!

But the real kicker is the hand to head ratios… If you have hands big enough to crush your own head, then you’re doing something wrong!  (and it’s not like your hands magically grow as your muscle mass grows… just look at some of those tiny hands body builders have!)  So I always thought this is what would happen to those characters.  >)