It’s funny cause just the other day I was talking to my friend about this very thing!  We were discussing why there are still A and B drives, not just in the hardware, but in the operating system as well.  NOBODY seems to use the A or B drive letters for anything.  You don’t usually see them for say, a hard drive or dvd drive, now do you?  Rather, they are relics left over from a time when those were an industry standard.  Maybe not so much with the A drive, as 3.5″ floppies are still in service on some desktops, but they’ll probably be phased out within a few years.  B drives, or 5.25″ floppies, I’d wonder if  anyone under 20 even knows that they once existed.  So decades or centuries from now, what will people think of these two drives?  Will they even know what purpose they served as time passes?

Now here’s the twist!  Those same questions, the same weird ghosts of the past tied up into the very construct of the computer are mirrored exactly in us; all of us.  Where computers have archaic codes and hardware, we too have the biological equivalents all smunched up in our bodies.  From appendixes, to layers of nerves, and even our very DNA, these fossils have since lost all meaning, all purpose, to newer systems or outdated needs, but they still persist.  The trick is to try and figure out what they were for when still in use.  So we’ve got a good handle on the whole appendix thingy, but what of the DNA?  Well, we did that genome thing and we’ve come a long way to figure out what certain things do… but one thing seems to be very evident; there is a LOT of junk in there!  That’s right!  It’s driven scientists up a wall trying to understand why there’s so much bits of data in our programming that do basically nothing.  Well, now after some research, it seems that most of that junk data is a sort of residual from our evolutionary past.  As things evolve, you’d think it would kick out the bits it didn’t need, well… nature doesn’t seem to be very efficient.  It just keeps building up!  Think of it like a hard drive; the longer you have it, you delete the things you don’t need.  That data doesn’t get lost, the index just says to skip over it to the stuff that’s active.  Same with DNA, most of that junk is the evolutionary history that could probably be traced back to the dinosaurs.  Cool stuff huh?  You might have a little T-Rex in ya (err… probably not, but you get my point)!  The rest are errors or snippets from viruses that managed to get passed along to the rest of us.

Now, what does the A drive in our DNA do?  Heck if we know!  And probably won’t find out for a good long time!  I’d wager a great deal of it is damaged or so old it might not even be relevant enough to test (with modern equipment).  Kind of like trying to run an old C64 file on a Windows 7 machine…  Or try running that file on a machine 100 years from now.  That’s the problem we face now.  Though I am very sure we will be able to decode a great deal of the old stuff, especially when looking back through our genetic history at our possible precursors and seeing what is active there and what we have that’s new.  And that right there is the exciting future of this kind of study!  It is essentially the smoking gun for evolutionists (despite the other mountains of evidence…); being able to read through our DNA, an exact chronology of our advancement, and seeing where the changes would have likely occurred and when.  Again, this is WAY off, but the theory is sound and it’s very exciting.  Not only that, you have all the tools you need now to pick up an old 5.25″ drive from a flea market and slap it right into your PC.  See what I’m getting at here?  All the blueprints are there.  The data libraries are just waiting to be accessed and by the mere flick of a switch, you could have a tail, or idk, gills (if it’s not degraded).  I’ll be interested in seeing how this all progresses, and who knows, maybe one day down the line we’ll get an itch to run that genome test again and find there’s extra bits in all of us… and wonder what the heck “noses” were.

And now, just for fun…