Hmm, hope this comes across correctly… Anyways, this is about me and accents.  I’m not exactly sure what it is, but something about an accent seems to really drive a lot of presumptions about that person.  I mean, for me anyways, when I hear a British accent, it just sounds so authoritative that they could be talking complete nonsense and I’d take every word as complete truth.  Probably because every documentary seems to use people with those accents, so it makes sense for the association.  >)

Also, maybe it’s because I can’t hear my own accent, but I just find them enthralling.  I’ve been in class or on the phone before and just been mesmerized by the speaker.  Heck, they could’ve been spouting off something akin to Eliza Doolittle and I’d still be totally sucked in.  XD

Or maybe it’s just me.