What’s all this then?  No update on Wednesday?  Update on Thursday?  Madness!

Well folks, after much searching it seems your ol pal Coffin here finally got a job!  Wewt!  So what that means for this site is that I’ll be going down to 2 updates a week; Monday and Thursday!  If things get kinda crazy, it might just be mondays… let’s hope not though.  Anywho, What’s Shakin’ should be on it’s regular schedule.  I might keep drawing these CCs without the the shading since it cuts time down by half.  Anywho, hope you’ve all enjoyed my comics so far and don’t worry, I’ll still be making these for some time to come.  >)

ALSO: I’ve been working on doing some ratings and finally got a template to work for my game rating pages!  Ok, it might not seem so impressive on the surface, but I made it so that it will list all the comics associated with that game that I’ve made!  Not bad eh?  Anyways, this is in its early stages so expect a bit more ooph to come in the next few weeks.  I want to, obviously, add more reviews, an explanation of my crazy rating system and maybe better graphics for it, and a review landing page that can be browsed.  This will all take a bit of doing that I’ll weave in my free time, but you can see a sample of what I’m going for with the repost of my Gotham City Impostors review.  So yeah, there you have it!  Seems like it’ll be a fun little diversion and it’ll be nice to get out some of my views on certain games.  Hope you guys like it!  >D

Alright, back to the comics and whatnot.  This is one of those immersion nits I like to pick at when playing many games usually set either post-apocalyptic or in some sort of seemingly abandoned dungeon.  Why in the world, in these bleak and sterile places, do you find fancy scented candles?  (I’m assuming they’re scented…)  Or you find plates of food in some kind of catacomb… that one drives me crazy too.  So really… a candle can last what, 10hrs at the most maybe?  Probably less?  And you just waltz into a random dungeon and it’s lit up like something out of a romantic novel.  Only thing it’s missing is a trail of rose petals.  So who set those candles and why?  The skellies?  Eh, guess the undead like nice things too…  >)