Well, it’s that time once again where the most important election in the world takes place!  Who will be the next Warchief of the Horde?

Many great choices here, even some oldies have come into the fray.  So who knows?  Maybe we’ll finally get someone a little less insane as our glorious leader.  What says you, good peoples of Azeroth?

Decision 2012

Here are the Candidates:
Garrosh Hellscream – Definitely the conservative of the group.  He pushes a “grass roots” movement of the Orcs’, well, at least when they were blood thirsty minions of the Burning legion.  Garrosh is power hungry with bloodlust and promises to return the Orcs to glory through battle.

Varok Saurfang – Honored Veteran of the first, second, and third wars, as well as the conflict against the Lich King.  Varok carries the banner of peace and strong relations between all nations.  Critics claim his passive method of international politics would weaken the Horde’s position amongst the other nations.

Sylvanas Windrunner – Forsaken Leader and Miss Banshee Queen 1984, Sylvanas stands as one of the most powerful and sympathetic candidates.  While she commands a legion of faithful and strong undead warriors, she has taken great strides as to not allow the other nations of the world to come to harm from the same curse.  When one of her own rebelled and attempted to create a new Forsaken army, she and the leadership of the Horde worked together to bring justice to those who threaten the peace and stability of the Horde nation.  Opponents say that while her intervention against the Forsaken mutiny was “admirable”, he loyalties come into question as she is technically a “dirty hipster Night Elf”.

Vol’jin – Leader of the Darkspear Tribe and architect of the now exiled people of the Darkspear Isle.  After an encounter with Garrosh, he and his people have had to seek refuge outside of the Orgrimmar walls.  Vol’jin, while not favored by the current administration, is a proponent of equal rights and representation of all nationalities of the Horde and its peoples.  There are rumors of Vol’jin’s involvement with illicit incense use without proper medical papers.

Baine Bloodhoof – Son of Carnie, the former leader of the Tauren people.  Like his father, he promotes wisdom, peace, patience, and honor.  His platform includes strengthening the relations of the Horde nation while promoting respect for nature.  Claims against his campaign say that his “go green” environmentalism is just an unobtainable idealist dream that would be overly expensive for the budget and destabilize the economy.

Lor’themar Theron – Reluctant leader of the shattered Blood Elf people, Lor’themar might not have asked to be the leader, but he does so with dignity and purpose.  He joined alliances with Sylvanas to help his starving people after the fall of the Sun Well.  Many question his allegiances as merely “just out of necessity, not loyalty”, and given the chance, he would seek alliances with anyone willing to provide a little magic juice.

Thrall – Few can argue that Thrall has been the greatest leader of the Horde to date.  He has brought strength and solidarity to his people, no matter the race, and has taken great strides in the stabilization of international relations.  However, due to the events of the Cataclysm, he left in order to help the world in other ways.  This action has lead to criticism of his abandonment of his people during their most vulnerable time.  There are also rumors that he stepped down after allegations of an affair with a certain blonde Human from Theramore Isle.

Richard M. Nixon’s Head – With the Headless Body of Agnu, Nixon vows to enslave all people of Azeroth and bring down upon them a tyrannical rule they have never known.

Cast your vote now!  Polls end in 2 weeks (19th)!!  At the end of November!  Eh, if Florida can wait a week, we can extend this as well.  >)