Well… as of writing this, my vote didn’t count.  Last night they called the election and good ol Florida still decided to count hanging chads or whatever it was they were doing.  And no matter how put out I feel about it, think of poor Hawaii; who has the lowest voter turnout because, well, the elections are usually called by the time they go to vote.  Seriously, that’s not cool ‘merica!

But beyond even that, we here in the states have something called an “electoral college”.  And it’s not like one of those prestigious colleges either.  It’s like one of those mail correspondence unaccredited art colleges you see on tv in between reality shows.

No!  The electoral college was set up to help us dumb folks to not just vote for the wrong person.  Because the electoralites (that’s what we’re calling them now) know who the president should be, and of course making a decision based on that.  The system was set up way back in 1787 really to assist with the problem of an ill-informed voting public.  But with a technologically advanced society we have now, where the other day we had hundreds of thousands of tweets per second, there is absolutely no reason to hold on to an antiquated system that assumes we don’t know why these people are.  Hell, most of us are TOO INFORMED!  Really now, I was tired of the ad campaigns months ago (and my sincerest condolences for those caught in the big battleground states).

And what was an attempt to even out representation because of population, became the ultimate inequality.  Your votes are  not as equal as someone else from another state (as a result of how many electoral votes each state has).  So not only is someone else voting for you, and that they don’t really need your vote to win (like Hawaii), but the votes you do cast aren’t even as important as someone else’s!  Really?!  That’s fair?  That’s democracy?

So what’s the plan?  Well, we don’t need the electoral college.  That’s just bollocks.  What we need is a purely POPULAR VOTE driven election.  Not just that, I say we do away with it being advertised even at the county level or state for that matter.  What I mean is, all votes go into a single pot and at the end they are counted up and released; none of this “winning certain states” bologna.  Really now, elementary school elections are more democratic than the real thing.  This would solve the whole college thing and the feeling of votes not mattering.  And to that point, I’d have Hawaii voting a day early.  No reason not to have them feeling left out.

Anyways…  I’m pretty tired of voting not mattering.  At least the local stuff makes a difference and amendments too, but as for general presidential elections, you might as well as write in Mickey Mouse because it won’t make any less of an impact.