Well, if we’re going to go down, at least we can take a few fat cats with us!

You might have heard from all the buzz lately about this whole Fiscal Cliff stuff.  Basically, it means that the Bush era tax cuts come to an end soon and the President and Congress have to make a better plan to balance taxing with spending and both sides of this are pretty divided.  What will happen is that the tax cuts we were getting will go up across the board and government spending will go down.  With their powers together, economists say it’ll make us go back into a major recession (cause you know, we were so out of the last one…).

But never fear, all that needs to happen is for the Republicans and Democrats to work together in a short amount of time, to set their differences aside, and do what’s right for the greater good-

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!  Oh man, I almost didn’t make it through that!  So yeah, I’ll be amazed if we don’t go “over the cliff”.  Too many things need to be in sync with people that don’t get along.

But if it’s any consolation, at least we’ll be forcing that nice wealthy class over the cliff with us!  Though that probably won’t mean a hill of beans cause they’re rich for a reason and will probably squirrel it away anyways.  We can dream though, right?