If you haven’t heard it by now, Disney bought the rights to Lucas Films, meaning they now own the Star Wars series!  Now, at first I was a bit freaked out by this.  I mean, it’s Disney…  The big bad evil.  But after the initial shock wore off, I got to thinking; you know, they bought Pixar and let them do their own thing and they turned out pretty good.  And probably their single biggest PR success with this was to announce a new film in the works for 2015.  I’m sure any jaded fan was instantly converted or drowned in a sea of conflicting emotions.  For me, that’s the big selling point.  We’ve all been foaming at the mouth for years that Lucas was just sitting on the franchise, milking every last penny as it slowly dies out.  But with a new owner, the franchise is seeing more money and more vitality, so for us viewers, that means more content!  Win or lose, the fact that they’re even trying to release a new film and revive the series is a good sign.

The only question remains… Will Leia get to join the princesses club?