Least he had chicken?  Sometimes, just for fun, my little Mage likes to go fisticuffs style… mostly just miss, but sometimes he’ll land a right cross to the chin for a whopping 1 damage (critical of course).

Now then… With the recent changes announced to the Paladin class, I knew I had to make this comic asap (you know, before everybody forgets about the good times).

So, as a Paladin with buff QQs as my anger management trigger, I have definitely passed out Might to every caster in a raid when bombarded with a million whispers for Wisdom or Kings.  Seriously, after a wipe or when getting set up, wait for everyone to get in before begging for buffs.  Because 10 seconds later, someone else will waltz into the instance and be like “Hey gang, how bout some buffs?”  XD

Heaven forbid you put the wrong buff, Wisdom or Might (or even Kings) on the wrong person!  That’s grounds for all out war!  But them crafty minions working at Blizzard decided to combine them, specifically, to curb my buff rage issues. Heh.  >)

For the record, this is a reference to Legend of the Seeker.  I got totally addicted to that show after practicing my insomnia skills on Sundays… it was like, Xena but with more slow motion.  If you are new to the show, or will be soon, the first season was all about the slow-mo jump attacks!  I’d love to recommend making a drinking game of it, but I don’t want to be responsible for any alcohol poisoning incidents.

Transcript: English

Panel 1: Nith is buffing the raid with Might
Panel 2: Nith accidentally buffs Coffin with Might
Panel 3: Coffin feels the power while Nith realizes what he did
Panel 4: Coffin goes mad with power and Nith tries to make his escape
Panel 5: Coffin imagines being Richard in a scene similar to Legend of the Seeker
Panel 6: Coffin is in the background attacking a dragon (Onyxia) who is Missing and Dodging his attacks
Girl To Ell: Did... He just run...
Ell To Girl: Yup...
Panel 7: Awkward moment
Panel 8: Coffin runs for it
Girl To Ell: Race you to the exit?
Ell To Girl: Yup...
Panel 9: Coffin still running from dragon