This week, I thought I’d cover the topic of “Raid Texting”.  I know many of you out there do it!  Don’t even try to deny it!  Things get a little slow, you get tired of pressing the #2 on your keyboard, so you start chatting it up.  Might start off as a whisper or two, then after a while it progresses to an all out chat-a-thon with multiple chat tabs going with a dozen people… and that’s when it happens… you don’t even know where you are because you put the auto-follow on the priest and everyone around you is dead and angry.

Raid Texting is the leading cause of wipes!  So please, save the chitchat until after the raid!

In related news… Coffin Comics is now on Twitter! (lol, c wut i did ther?)

Transcript: English

Panel 1 : Tap Tap Tap
Gurr To Raid: Ok guys, we need to up the dps or he's going to enrage!
Panel 2 : Tap Tap
Gurr To Raid: Guys?
Ell: ACK!!!
Panel 3 : Tap Tap
Ell To Raid: I'm down! Friendly Fire!
Gurr To Ell: What? How?!
Panel 4: Tap Tap Tap
Gurr To Raid: Oh... Right... Coffin...
Panel 5 :
Coffin Typing: To [BigZ]: So yeah, can you believe she said that?
Coffin Typing: [Raid][Gurr]: Oh... Right... Coffin...
Coffin Typing: [BigZ] whispers: Craziness!
Coffin Typing: [BigZ] whispers: Aren't you in a raid? How's that going?
Coffin Typing: To [BigZ]: Oh you know, same ol...
Coffin Typing: [BigZ] whispers: Any good loots?
Coffin Typing: To [BigZ]: Naw, keep wiping. Tank is probably a total noob.
Coffin Typing: [BigZ] whispers: Right?
Coffin Typing: To [BigZ]: But a B.O.E. did drop though, it was wicked epic but I got out rolled by a drood! I mean, it had spirit and crit on it! Totally a mage item!
Coffin Typing: [BigZ] whispers: Mages use spirit now?
Coffin Typing: To [BigZ]: LOL, now don't you start too!
Coffin Typing: [Raid][Nith]: Um... Coffin?
Coffin Typing: To [BigZ]: So Anyways, where was I?