Funny story… While making this comic, as I do with most, I logged into WoWland to get some ideas for the scenery and whatnot.  Flew all around Storm Peaks taking screenshots of various locations.  Well, this all happened last tuesday, during the big 24hr maintenance on my (as well as many others’) server.  So there I was, checking out the Timelost Protodrake’s flightpath, when I see it!  Right there on the edge of my max distance!  Sadly… by the time I figured it out and mounted up I was too late… Timelost had disappeared into the sunset…  How very sad…  >(

This comic is dedicated to all those out there who try to do things by the book, follow the encounter strategies, only to have some loladin* run up and laugh at your group as he solo’s the evil boss.  Heck, I remember a time when the quest “Threat From Above” required 3 people at least… now you got pallies and druids and most of everyone else just downing that guy without ever losing more than a quarter of their hp!  Humbug I say!

*My main is a pally so uh… so in case you’re reading this, don’t actually nerf pallies, Blizz!  was just joking…. DONT DO IT!!!  XO

Comic suggestion by Jarkai

Transcript: English

Panel 1: Timelost Protodrake flies overhead
Gurr To The Group: Ok, there it is! Listen up, here's the plan...
Panel 2: Gurr is giving the group instructions
Gurr To Coffin: Coffin, you cast slow and go crazy with dps!
Panel 3:
Gurr To Ell: Ell, I need you to spam the heals big time.
Panel 4:
Gurr To Nith: Now... Most important, Nith I... Nith!? Where is he?
Panel 5: Nith arrives on a Timelost Protodrake mount
Nith To Group: Hey guys! What's up? Check it out! Got a new mount! Saw her flying around so I just bubbled and DPSed her down. Coo huh?
Gurr Self: Uhg! Nerf paladins!