Look out folks!  Incoming science nerd rant!  XD

So…  There’s a lot of speculation out there about how our universe was made and what it’s made out of.  See, a lot of stuff kinda works the way we think it should, in a macro sense, but as I told you all a while ago, it doesn’t work EXACTLY how it should and all the rules just go out the window when you get down to the subatomic level.  That seems to be the big problem of science right now; why do physics not work when things get small?!  Let me tell you, it’s absolutely maddening to the science world.  What could possibly be so complex about the universe to make it’s mechanics so far beyond our mental grasp?  And that’s where the crazy starts working its way through the cracks…

I’ve talked about the new belief (yeah, I’m still sticking to that) in the string theory and the multi-brane thing, but this is some real fun kind of crazy science!  Here’s the idea: science and technology have reached all new heights within just a short period of time and it keeps getting better and faster.  What is believed to happen one day, is that our tech will be able to completely simulate reality!  Total Matrix style too!  So a simulation could be so perfect, every point in space can be tracked.  Meaning atoms can be accounted for as vectors or pixels and interact through the program, thus creating an entirely “real” universe in a virtual space.  This does get a boost in credibility because of the nature of quantum physics.  We’ve got atoms that seem to arbitrarily get mass from some invisible place, gravity is acting strange, and even more weird, matter is coming into existence (in an absolute vacuum) and annihilating itself for pretty much no reason.  There’s even that thing where firing electrons through a carbon atom makes a perfect geometric pattern.  All very weird stuff!

Fear not good citizens!  Your trusty Super Scientists are here to save the day!  We are actually conducting experiments to test whether we are in a simulation or not!  Well, trying to at least.  “Lately” we’ve seen some interesting experiments to determine if the universe is a hologram through the observations of gamma ray polarization.  So good news everybody!  Seems that, as of now, it is unlikely that our universe is either a projection or hologram!  Yay!  Guess we still have a ways to go to see if the subatomic world is really made of pixels, but it is absolutely awesome to think that these experiments are happening.  I mean, think about it, no matter what the outcome is, we are actually testing these things.  I think it’s totally amazing that not only does our species come up with imaginative ways to explain our existence, but also invent ways to either prove or debunk them.  Heck, we’ve even just started looking for microwave spheres in space to prove the collisions of bubble universes with our own!  It’s very important for us as a whole to not only be skeptical and encouraging of creative theories, but also supportive of the means to their proof.  If it costs a few billion dollars to prove the Higgs field exists, then it’s ok!  If it doesn’t, then it’s not a waste of money, it’s the cost of progress!

Now, I’m not going to say this theory is impossible or any less valid than any of the other crazy we’ve come up with in the last half century, but I will say this… It’s probably not a bad way of explaining the nature of things.  Ok ok, let me explain.  It’s been said that when Einstein was working on uncovering the “equation of everything”, he would wake up every morning and think, “if I was god, how would I make the universe?”  His answer was always, “make it simple.”  That’s nice and a very mathematician thing to say, make things elegant, but I’m not sold on it.  To me, a child of the techno computery world, it makes much more sense for it to be crazy complicated and intricate.  What I mean is this, I see the world as working more mechanical than anything else.  Our universe is governed by equations and variables that make up all the things we see.  I’m not saying it’s a simulation, no… I’m saying we have more in common with a program than we like to realize.  So here’s how I’d make it work… I’d first start with a very complicated set of rules and instructions; an OS if you will.  This will give the language of how to interpret things… like an “outerverse” the new science dudes are talking about.  Then you’d have the program, the set of variables and rules to tell how things act and interact.  That’d be our universe.  When you talk about science and the multiverse theories, the fact that electrons have a negative charge, things have certain mass, gravity acts like X, and the sky is blue… it all ends up sounding arbitrary.  Speculations say in a multiverse, there might be one like ours that changes the speed of time or the power of electric force or anything.  Oh right, and that simple elegant thing… If I was a believer in fate and predestination, I’d wager there’d be a seed in there!  Seeds (as you MineCrafters know) is a simple phrase or numbers or whatever that can generate an exact outcome.  So like in Minecraft, you’d type “yadayadayada” in the seed generator and, in theory, it would create the EXACT same world, down to every block, every time you used that seed.  Anyways… that’s what I’d do.  Complex to simple.

Then again, I think it exposes a fundamental flaw in the organization of things.  Can we ever understand how things work?  As a thought experiment, say we are in a simulation, could a program become self aware enough to dig through the OS and understand how and why it exists?  And even if it could, what then?  Could a program escape the confines of its mainframe?  And if we’re just a program labeled “universe B” or “the fighting whitefish”, who’s running the show?  Dunno guys, it’s a brain twister!  I’m not exactly sure what boat I’m deciding to sail in here… this is all speculation and it would give a pretty dim outlook on life to know we were nothing more than sprites in a video game. And if the gods are some extrauniversal computer engineers, it’s only a matter of time before one of them tries to compile a copy of WoW on the system.  Keep an eye to the skies for falling game cubes!  We got some new found friends to defend!

Ps… that’s Tampa in the background  >)
Pss… totally a ReBoot reference!

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