Hmm… Didn’t really intend for this to be a Minecraft heavy week, but oh well.  So what happened was Mojang, the parent company of Minecraft, stated earlier this year that they wanted to make another game called Scrolls;  from what I gather, it’s kind of like magic cards.  Anyways, Bethesda, the people behind Oblivion and Fallout, decided to send Mojang a Cease and Desist letter because of trademark issues with the name “Scrolls”.  See, Bethesda’s game, is called “Elder Scrolls”… I know, news to me cause nobody calls any of their games that.  Who the heck says Elder Scrolls: Skyrim?  Nobody, that’s who!

When you get down to it, I don’t think they have much in the way of the law helping them out.  Trademarks are intended to keep entities separate and reduce confusion… I have a hard time believing anyone would have trouble distinguishing Elder Scrolls (again, a title nobody says) with the game Scrolls.  Not only that, but look at all the titles out there, World of Tanks (omg, get Blizzard on the phone!), Monster Hunter and Monster Rancher, and Behtesda should totally sue EA because of THE Sims (since the full name is THE Elder Scrolls)!!!  Get over it Bethesda!  You lost your scuffle with Interplay for Fallout MMO rights, so stop trying to scrap money from the indies! Oh right, and by the way Bethesda, Mojang is a Swedish company… You know, that place that houses Pirate Bay?  I’m no expert in international IP laws, but if all the Movies, Music, Gaming, and king’s men can’t bring down a kid with a torrent site, then what do you think a single game company is going to do?  Sorry bros, you’re out of luck.

But back to the point, Notch (the man in charge at Mojang), fired back to the ridiculous charge with an equally ridiculous request… A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!  Ok, so not in real life, but in the game Quake 3.  Notch offered to have 3 of his best vs 3 of Bethesda’s, to go into battle, winner takes all!

I am totally behind Notch with this one!  We have enough of these big companies thinking they can bully the little guy around.  I’ve been in this situation first hand with a company I worked for, where a larger company threw their weight and forced the smaller one to comply.  It’s a stupid thing, but unfortunately, there’s not much the smaller companies can do.  But I like Notch’s solution.  I like the idea of an old fashioned bareknuckled mustashioed video game championship brawl!  Imagine how many disputes could be resolved this way!

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