Heh, ok… I love when I find these articles, you know, the ones where they make some major discovery that all of us already knew about.  This last one was about a study on car color and heat.  Seems that white/silver cars stay cooler in the sun than dark colored/black cars!  I know, this is some crazy mind boggling quantum stuff, so if you can’t keep up, that’s understandable.  LOL!  But seriously, it never ceases to amaze me how much “proof of common sense” experiments there are (like my other favorite, chainmail is heavy).

I think that I actually love this sorta thing.  It’s just science for the sake of science!  Sure, we all know that getting hit with a bottle hurts, but how much?  Do different kinds of bottles do more damage?  What are the variables that effect it?  Why not find this out?  (and it seems the Mythbusters did a show on this!)  So yeah, quantifying the actual processes of events that are common knowledge to us may sound mundane and ridiculous, but I think it gives us a little perspective and heck, it’s just fun!  Science should be fun!

That and it’s kinda neat they actually figured out how MUCH of a difference there is between the two colors of car.  Looks to be about an average of .44mpg (2%) and about 1.9% carbon dioxide emissions.  So… White cars are good for the environment!  Kinda…

Anyways, the argument I always hear that accompany these sorts of research studies is “humbug!  Scientists should only work on cures for diseases and stuff”.  Well, that research is important and all, but I think we tend to forget that there are a LOT of kinds of science out there.  Think of it kind of like art, a sculptor might not be able to be a painter… two very different things, even though it’s all “art”.  Same with science.  Also, doing all these weird little side projects has a small chance for cross overs.  There tends to be a lot of serendipitous works from the other fields when they bleed over, so who knows… maybe we’ll figure out this whole theory of everything thing if we study cooking eggs on sidewalks… idk… you know what I mean.  >)

Source: Physorg

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